Easter Eggs

13th April

Hi there! I’m sorry this post is late, I had a few things to do over the weekend and didn’t have much time to do a post. I’m also becoming a bit ill (only a small cough, it’s nothing new as I’ve got asthma), but don’t worry, I’m staying as safe as possible. Anyway, I hope you had a great and safe Easter.

Today, I wanted to share some Easter egg design that I did this year. In Poland, we have a tradition of painting and drawing on eggs for Easter, so, because I had more time than usual, I did a few and wanted to share them with you guys.

I dyed most of them first, then drew on them with some markers. I hope you like them.

These first two eggs I did to thank the NHS and all key workers for all their hard work during this hard time. There were many people, especially from the NHS, that couldn’t spend this time with their families because they were either at work or self-isolating to not get their family sick. My parents are key workers (they work with food) so fortunately they are able to carry on working and had a day off to spend time with us.

Unfortunately, I dropped the first design I did so I did the second one which I’m actually more happy with as it’s simpler.

The next three designs are quite a typical style of egg decorating, however I did put my own twist to them.

Lastly, these two eggs were both accidents. The first one I tried to do a 1/2 red 1/2 purple but I accidently dropped it in the dye so it messed up.

The second one I tried to do bigger dots with the dye but it started going all over the egg so I just went along with it.

That’s it. I hope you liked this post. I’m sorry that’s its late but, again, I hope you have a great and safe Easter.

Have a nice day, or night, wherever you’re from. ❤️

15 Things To Do During Quarantine

26th March

Hi there! I think everyone now knows about the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

My heart goes out to all of the people that are fighting with this disease on the front lines, as well as other workers that deliver food and other essential supplies.

To help stop the spreading of this horrible virus, I encourage you to all stay home if you can and maintain good hygiene. This will hugely help to stop this situation as fast as possible.

So, for the people that are staying are home and getting bored of doing nothing, I created a list of things you can do while in quarantine.

15 Things To Do During Quarantine:

  1. Learn a new language.
  2. Draw, paint or create something.
  3. Watch movies.
  4. Learn to cook.
  5. Organise your room.
  6. Play video games.
  7. Talk to people online.
  8. Do some indoor exercise.
  9. Read a book.
  10. Learn some magic tricks.
  11. Go to a virtual museum or on a virtual tour.
  12. Spend some quality time with your family (if you live with them/are qauarantined with them).
  13. Take some online courses.
  14. Practice an instrument.
  15. Take care of yourself.

If you have anymore suggestions, share them in the comments below.

Have a nice day, or night, wherever you’re from. And please, please, please stay home and help save lives! ❤️

20 Simple Acts Of Kindness

6th March

Hi there! I’m not even going to talk about my absence… Anyway, I feel that we still don’t have enough kindness in the world. And no, I don’t mean buying expensive gifts or planning extravagant surprises. I just mean simple actions that might just make someone’s day a little better.

Recently, one of my close friends was in the food queue at school and decided to just buy me a blueberry cupcake. It’s as simple as that – I said I like it the day before, she bought it for me the next day. And that was so much for me, as my year hasn’t been going great so far.

So, I want to encourage all of you to do one of these things from the list below as you never know if that is the only positive thing that has happened that day.


20 Simple Acts Of Kindness:

(I put these to do to a stranger, but you can obviously do this to anyone.)

  1. Smile at a stranger.
  2. Open the door for a stranger.
  3. Let someone with reduced mobility (e.g. pregnant woman, elderly person, disabled person) sit in your seat on public transport.
  4. Compliment a stranger.
  5. Give some spare money to a homeless person.
  6. Give a sandwich or water to a homeless person.
  7. Pay for someone behind you in the queue or drive-through.
  8. Pay for dinner when you’re out with friends or family.
  9. Leave a nice message on a mirror in a public or school bathroom.
  10. Say “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry” (as these words are very underrated).
  11. Start a conversation with a stranger near you.
  12. Call someone to check up on them.
  13. Offer some help if you see a stranger struggling.
  14. Go out for coffee or tea with a friend or family member.
  15. Leave a nice note in a book or magazine in the library.
  16. Do a chore for someone without them knowing.
  17. Volunteer at a local charity.
  18. Donate some items from your home.
  19. Donate your blood.
  20. Visit a local animal shelter (even playing around with the animals helps out).


Feel free to add more acts of kindness in the comments. Try to challenge yourself every day to do something nice for someone. It doesn’t only make them feel good, but it will also make you feel good about yourself!

And, as always, have a nice day, or night, wherever you’re from.


The Start Of A New Decade

2nd January

Hi there! So, 2020 has just started. Wow. A lot has happened in these last 10 years, but it’s time to move on, forget the hard times try to be better this year.

Anyway, I’m here to review my last year’s resolutions and make some new ones.

Italics=Last year’s resolution Normal=My comment

“New Year, Improved Me”


1) Don’t be afraid to share what’s on your mind. – ✔ I’m actually surprised and proud about this one. I talked to a very popular boy about something that was on my mind, and I tell my friends more than I normally would.

2) Start a healthier lifestyle. – ✔❌ I sort of did this one, as I did drink more water for a bit and I eat fruit for lunch every day now, but I still need to work on eating less sweets etc. and doing more exercise. So I’ll count this as a half.


1) Cut out in toxic friendships. – ✔ Yes! I actually told my best friend about how I hate that she lied to me on many occasions and how she disrespected me, and I’m not friends with her anymore.

2) Be more organised. – ❌ I’m going to have to say no, as I’m still doing things last minute etc.


1) Be honest. – ❌ I feel like I’m not able to be fully honest if there are still things I’m thinking about sharing. There’s just one really big thing that I think I’ll finally find the courage to talk about, as it might help someone going through the same thing.

2) Add colours and pictures. – ✔❌ This is a half as well because even though my site design is new, I still don’t put enough pictures in my posts.

So, my overall score is 3/6. Not bad, I guess.

This year, I’m not really sure what my goals are, so I won’t be making any (for now). This year will be quite busy and difficult, so I don’t want to have any expectations that I’ll feel guilty about at the end of the year.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I hope this year will be much better for all of you and that all of your dreams come true.

Have a great year. ❤

Important Exam Tips

10th November

Hi there! I just my exams (let me know if you would like to know how they went haha), and I thought that I could tell you some tips for when you are in the exam, instead of when you’re revising (because there’s a lot of tips around for that). I hope that makes sense.

1) Don’t panic.

Obviously, many people panic I their exam, but please please please don’t panic in a way that you don’t do anything. Remember that it shows you what you need to know, and it’s normal that things will go wrong. Just take deep breaths and carry on.

2) Don’t waste your time.

The time you have in the exam is limited, so try to waste as little as you can. If you don’t know how to answer a question straight away, leave it and carry on with the other questions. Once you finish the other questions, you should have time to go back to the questions you couldn’t answer. This always saves me in the exams, as I then have time to answer the questions I do know and get the marks available.

3) Make sure you eat and drink before the exam.

Normally, exams are avout 1.5 to 2 hours long (at least that’s the case for me). This means that you could probably get hungry during the exam, so eating a healthy and filling breakfast, and drinking lots of water will save you from the distraction and embarrassment that comes from your growling stomach. You could also take a water bottle into your exam just in case (unless youre not allowed – I’m allowed to take a water bottle but i have to take off any labels that there are).

Thank you for reading my post. Feel free to write down some exam tips in the comments.

Have a nice day or night, wherever you’re from. ❤

How To Deal With Failure

20th October

Hi there! So today I wanted to talk about failure. It’s something we all go through, and something we have to deal with.

I feel like I’m a failure in a lot of things: I fail at being a proper woman, I fail my family and friends, the list could go on. But the most recent failure I’ve had is on my last post.

Basically, people saw my post, probably didn’t read it, liked it, and left without completing my quiz. I was disappointed, but I realised that it doesn’t matter. I’m going to fail at all sorts if things, but I can’t let that stop me from carrying on. So, here are my tips on how to deal with failure.

1) Realise that it’s not the end of the world.

You need to know this, as it will stop you from doing anything else. Trust me, I’ve been there. You just need to try again, find a new way of approaching it, or try something new.

2) Ask for help.

Perhaps, you aren’t able to do it in your own. It might be easier to just ask someone for help. But, don’t let them do everything for you. You can’t give up on it completely, you just need to get a push from them, or just a little help.

3) Don’t apologise.

No one’s perfect, that’s just life. If you feel like saying sorry for not succeeding, stop! You can always try again, and get better at it each time. Just, don’t blame it on yourself.

4) Don’t make excuses.

This is similar to the previous one -no one’s perfect. Sont hide your mistakes, because at least you tried, and that’s what matters.

I hope this post helps anyone who needed to read it. And remember, keep trying because you’ll get there one day.

I hope you have a great day, or night, wherever you’re from. ❤

A Question A Week: New Series?

14th October

Hi there! So, I had this idea to ask a question every week (or maybe 2 weeks haha) so that you can answer it, and then I could react to it/ share my thoughts on your replies and the original question.

I’m not sure how this will go, as it’s a new thing for me, but if you would like to participate, click this link to fill out a quick form.

But, what happens when you fill out the form? Well, you answer the question, and then you are able to say whether you would like that submission to be anonymous or not. I hope this will make you all feel a little safer to share your answers. And then it’s followed by asking you what I should do next week, if you have any other ideas, and if you will like to see other replies.

I kind of got this idea of asking people different questions from Thoraya Maronesy on YouTube. I suggest checking her out, she makes amazing videos!

I hope this goes well, and I hope that you enjoy this. And, obviously, leave any feedback in the comments so I can improve next time.

3 Ways To Get Distracted

1st October

Hi there! Well, the back to school posts didn’t work out. I’m sorry, I just didn’t have much motivation to do anything. My health has also been deteriorating, but I’m still trying to work out why. All I know is that it might have something to do with iron deficiency.

Anyway, lately, I’ve been feeling a little stressed and I’ve been falling back into bad habits (that I would rather not talk about, but maybe I might in the future), and I’ve realised that having distractions actually help me. It gets my mind occupied with something else and it relaxes me a little. So today, I’ll be sharing my top 3 ways to get distracted.

1) Listen to music.

I find listening to music so relaxing, and, personally, I can’t think of anything else when I listen to it. I lose my train of thoughts, so then I can’t really get back to what I was thinking about before.

2) Cut something up.

I find this quite relaxing, however, it doesn’t always work or isn’t very convenient (like, in school). But if you are at home or have some spare paper lying around, I just take my scissors and cut it up in random shapes.

3) Doodle or find another way to be creative.

Whether it’s making a beautiful drwing, a small sketch, a piece of music, or anything that makes you feel creative. It helps to get your emotions out.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll try to post more, as I’ve got so many ideas, but I just don’t have encough time and motivation.

Have a nice day, or night, wherever you’re from. ❤

First Day Disaster?

5th September

Hi there! So today I had my first day back in school, and it was definitely tiring… So I thought that instead of posting those same old “What’s in my backpack?” or other typical posts (which by the way, I like reading but I just don’t really like writing about), I thought about writing about my first day. I also have some other (hopefully unique) posts planned for later, so stick around for those.

I was stupid enough to leave all my summer work until the last minute, so the last two days I just overworked myself, meaning that I was tired, but that’s nothing new. I went to sleep a little after 12pm, and I had to wake up at 6am (I know, it’s really bad). But somehow, I woke up and straightened my hair, along with doing a small french braid, on the top of my head, to keep the hair out of my face. This made me feel quite self-conscious because I’m not used to having my hair down and I always think I look weird.

In my school, the first two lessons we have with our tutor, and he’s not the best one I could have had. I already missed two of my vaccinations (as I had to have them on a different day than the rest of my year), which he got an email about.

Anyway, during those two hours, we had to sit through a presentation about the school rules, uniforms, CCTV cameras and stuff like that. And you can probably imagine how boring that was. And then we had to note down dates for holidays, exams and other important days during the year. This was wayyy more stressful than it should have been. We got new school planners, which didn’t even have dates on each page! We have to write them each individually, which is super annoying… And the teacher was saying the dates so fast that I didn’t even know what I was supposed to be writing. And I couldn’t hear anything since he didn’t bother to quiet everyone down. We also got bells back (they removed them for a year because of someone’s health or something) so every time it rang, I got scared because I’m not used to them.

After break, I had Biology, which I have a new teacher for as my other teacher left because of health reasons. He’s quite nice and is good at teaching, but we’ll see how long that lasts with my hectic class. I had to wear my new glasses (as I can’t see far away anymore, meaning that I have to wear them when looking at the board etc.) and I felt weird as I’ve never worn glasses before.

Then I had Health and Social Care, where my ex-friend is. She’s also in my music but I have another friend there. In this class though, I’m pretty lonely. She sits with a group of girls that talk to both of us but obviously, she gets to sit with all of them, and none of them would even think about sitting with me, so I’m lonely. But I guess I get more work done, so that’s okay.

Finally, after lunch I had Chemistry. It was just another boring lesson, with a really annoying boy next to me. He thinks he’s the best and keeps shouting next to my ear when talking to his friends. I’ll actually email my teacher about moving because I literally can’t stand him. Not to mention that I had a headache since Biology, he was really distracting. And then I had a 30-minute bus ride home, so that was fun.


I’m sorry if I bored you guys with all of this, I just needed a place to vent, really. Like, it’s only the first day and I’m already dying. So I think that it’s safe to say that my first day was a disaster, at least in my eyes…

How was your first day of school?

Have a nice day or night, wherever you’re from. ❤


Back From The Dead!

30th August

Hi there! Wow, I actually missed writing that. Anyway, I’m back! No one probably cares, haha. I haven’t been on here for a looong time, and I’m kind of sorry (“kind of” because I don’t really have much to be sorry about, I think, but I still feel bad).

I had many things happen to me over those few months that I’ve been gone, some that I wish not to talk about, but the main things that happened were:

  • I did my mock exams and one final, real exam (Religious Studies – short course)
  • I went to a Shawn Mendes concert (AHH)
  • I did my English presentation (in front of my whole class…)
  • I started my holidays and went to Poland with my family
  • I had some things happen with my family (something I won’t talk about)
  • And I had a big argument in my friendship group

(I’ll probably write about most of these in future posts, so stick around for that haha)

Anyway, I realised that I actually loved blogging, as it was this outlet that I had when I wanted to rant, felt like doing something creative, or wanted to share an experience that I probably wouldn’t have shared with anyone. And I missed blogging, I really did, but I had something that blocked me from doing that. And honestly, I still haven’t worked out what it was, but I just felt this need to write again. So here I am.

I’ve got many ideas, some that I wanted to do ages ago, but was never confident enough to actually share. I’m hoping to do a few posts before I start school (5th September), and I’ll try to post once a week about anything and everything that comes to mind. But we’ll see how that goes in the process haha.

Have a nice day, or night, wherever you’re from. ❤signature1325816821.jpg